Teaching & Coaching

Teaching & Coaching


For the last 15 years Jamie has taught courses and led workshops on Acting, Directing, Shakespeare, Textual Analysis, and Playwriting, in a variety of Universities of Theatres across the UK and the US.

Jamie is available for private sessions for Acting Techniques, Audition Prep, Monologue selection and Preparation.

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"As Module Leader of the Shakespeare class I was able to observe Jamie’s teaching and directing first-hand. Jamie Rocha Allan consistently demonstrated a sure-handed and detailed knowledge of Shakespeare. His ease of delivery, keen mind, professionalism, organisation skills, resourcefulness, and very special brand of humour resulted in student-actors engaged and interested in all aspects of what he had to offer. As a result, students-actors’ levels’ of achievement often exceeded expectations.Jamie has a talent for asking the right questions, ones that often penetrate to the key issues of the text. This provoked student-actor’s to think deeply about those issues of the play and how they related to their own characters, translating this understanding into an effective and compelling performance. I rarely saw a student unprepared in Jamie’s rehearsals simply because they were inspired. Inspired to learn, inspired to think, inspired to feel, and most important, inspired to grow."

Stephen C Buckwald, Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

"I employed Jamie when I was Head of 3rd Year on the BA Acting Course at the University of Northampton. I was also a senior lecturer on the BA Drama course at the same time, and Jamie worked for me on both the acting and drama programme. Jamie taught on the BA Directing module for the Drama course, and also on the Adaptations module...Jamie is very supportive and communicative and has good planning skills. He is good at getting the best out of students and pushing them to fulfil their potential. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to work in any university setting."

Dani Parr, Director of Participation, Almeida Theatre